Working with Arthritis Care

Both Jim and Kate work with the UK charity "Arthritis Care". We started this work before Jim himself contracted the disease. In our local (Altrincham) branch we hold regular social meetings, using specialist and volunteer transport to get our disabled members to the Pownall Care Centre. For many of them, it is the only time they can get away from their homes. We also have outings using specially adapted coaches. Arthritis Care owns a number of Hotels, equipped for the disabled. We, being fitter members, accompany some of our less able members to these hotels as carers, taking our own coach. Here we show a couple of our activities during this year's holiday to Exeter.

Kate unloading an Arthritis sufferer from our coach



Kate is bringing one of our wheel-chair -bound members to evensong at Exter Cathedral.





The Donkey Sanctuary


Kate showing two of our members around the donkey sanctuary in Devon County. In this particular sanctuary, all the donkeys are sick. This one has a decided lean, and tended to walk around in circles!


Kate with two of our members



Kate helping out with the pushing.