Cora. Born 25 August 2000

These Photographs form an archive for the use of Cora's family. Now that it has been linked to our web-page, we ask you to respect that this is copyright material.
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Period 2006 to 2008


One Day Old
One Month
Two Months
Three Months
Christmas 2000
Five Months
Seven Months
One Year
Fourteen / Fifteen Months.
Sixteen Months-Christmas 2001.
Eighteen Months
Two Years -Christmas 2002
Two and a half years
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fifth year
sixth year

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Cora in 2006 Photographed August 2006

Liverpool, Albert Dock area

The statue is of immigrants to America, most of whom sailed from the Port of Liverpool.


September 2006, On the Dunham Estate

Cora in 2007 Photographed in April 2007

Woodland in Staffordshire



Cora's birthday, 25th August 2007



22 December 2007

Cora and Penny entertain

25th December 2007

above: March 2008

. July 2008: At Crich Tramway Museum
The museum preserves trams (Street cars) from many countries.

This is in an old telephone kiosk, being the only example of such obsolete equipment still connected to the UK telephone system. Yes, the dial works!
...An old pub, and old-fashioned sweets, such as Grandma and Granddad used to eat.


July 2008:



an admirer (?)


On Prestatyn beach

Prestatyn (in North Wales) has
a special significance to both
Jim and Kate, having both spent
part of their childhoods there.



Cora sings for us at Christmas 2008

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