A  frugal lunch for LentThe period of Lent is traditionally the time of fasting or self-denial for charity in the Christian Church. Our Women's guild hit on the idea of a "Frugal Lunch", where we had bread, soup, and a little cheese, but paid the same as we would have done for a traditional British "pub lunch"*. The money raised went to "Sight Savers International". This charity has been working in the Third World Countries to prevent and cure blindness, and to bring hope and education to those already incurably blind.

A simple lunch, at full price!(right) Melvyn Roberts, our Church Mission and Society representative, heads the table. The lunch was so popular, we have decided to do it more frequently. Why wait until next Lent?


(below) Glenda, Ivy and Kate, the ladies who arranged everything.



 The ladies who catered for us.

* British "Pubs", or public houses (i.e. inns, bars, taverns) usually serve meals "at the bar". This is a very cheap and satisfactory way to eat in the UK. Of course, once you have paid for drinks as well - the cost can be significant. We didn't serve any alcoholic drinks (we are a church, after all), but expected the full payment for the charity!