Over the past two years the United Reformed Church in Altrincham has been supporting the Aquabox scheme.



Natural Disasters are something we cannot avoid, and over the past year the world has experienced major Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Earthquakes. And disasters like these happen every year.

What can we do? Be prepared! Voluntary agencies are always busy collecting emergency items to be ready to be flown to the areas of need.

And what do the victims of disaster need most?
It is nearly always water fit to drink.

This is what aquaboxes are for.

They are the brilliant idea of the Rotary Club in Wirksworth, Derbyshire. Basically an aquabox is a large strong plastic box which can be made into a water tank, with purification tablets, tap and strainer to last a family for three months. It would normally cost £50 which would include transportation costs, but because two of our members, Kate and Jim McKnight, travel to Wirkworth frequently we deal directly with the depot and pay only £32. We get three for the price of two.

To date, we have dealt with 21 aquaboxes, and expect to continue this work.



Three boxes ready to be shipped out.
Denis Law seems pleased with his team's efforts

The church members then fill it them with much needed items, varying from safety pins, hammers, to bucket and nappies! They are then taken to the depot in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, ready to be shipped out or flown to emergency areas; lately the countries affected by the Tsunami, Africa, and now the latest Asian earthquake..

.. ..  

Checking the boxes at the Wirksworth centre

Ist February 2005. Boxes being shipped to Indonesia
.. ..  
1st February 2005. Delivering our 3 boxes
1st November 2005. Boxes being shipped to Kashmir

An Aquabox 30 looks very much the same, but is ready packed full with purification equipment; it costs £250, and is shipped out immediately for schools and hospitals

All this is organised by Wirksworth Rotary Club supported by churches and Youth Groups throughout the country, and the scheme is also active in USA and Australia.

If you are an organisation near Altrincham and would like to borrow a video/DVD about Aquaboxes which explains the whole concept in detail, just contact us through either Trinity Hale, or Woodlands Timperley United Reformed Churches.

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