Our Temporary Country Retreat,1997-9

Kate with the Wardens, Blackshawe Moor

For many years we used our caravan to tour around Europe. Since we have started using package holidays in Greece, we decided once again, to place our caravan on a site for the summer season. Blackshawe Moor is only an hours drive away from our home, and is in a beautiful part of the country. Close to the Tittesworth Reservoir and The Roaches, a rocky outcrop much used for training rock-climbers. Not far away is Lud's church, supposedly the refuge of the first mediaeval religious dissenters.

As a convenient retreat for us and our friends, the site is ideal. Frequently, we would attend an evening function then, instead of going home, we would drive out to our caravan, arriving perhaps about midnight. The walking opportunities seem endless, with the Dovedale and Manifold valleys a 15 minute drive away. We also cycle along a variety of trails that have been developed in the area, the Manifold trail being along the old track of one of the daftest railways ever built, but that's another story for the future.

In 2000, we will have a more permanent holiday home nearby, in Derbyshire.

Caravan with Awning

Derbyshire Well Dressing

Well dressings are a feature of the county of Derbyshire, and are made from flowers. This one is at Hartington, a major cheese centre.


A llama, bred locally as a guard for sheep.


A llama (not from Tibet!)


Kate, ready for a walk

(Left) Ready for a walk



(Below) The Roaches and Tittesworth Reservoir both provide excellent views.

The Roaches, an outcrop

Tittesworth Reservoir