Meet the Family

Jim. Retired from nuclear physics research in 1993, now spends time with the local branch of Arthritis Care. He once had a six year spell as a District Secretary of the United Reformed Church, but carries on with Lay Preaching. When not messing about on the computer, used to enjoy walks in the country with Kate. However, a cancer operation in 2009 has ended the active life. Although long retired as a governor of a local primary school, was still welcome at Christmas time in a suitable red costume. Has also been known to give illustrated talks on women of distinction, and Hell. (No connection!) as well as on religious paintings, daft railways and old films and film musicals. Mostpoplular, he has been presentations on "Today in the Holy Land" and film histories.

  Kate. Long retired from primary school teaching, and no longer visits her former school as a volunteer from time to time. She has retired as a governor of the school. Also works with charities and the church, visiting the sick and disabled, and used to enjoy the active life of walking and cycling with Jim. Has a pace-maker which restricts activities. Doesn't like computers, but uses email regularly. Is a strong advocate for the Aquabox scheme, which she has organised locally. Worked tirelessly with Arthritis Care and, of course, our church.


Jacqui.A graduate of Oxford, has worked as a Development Manager in the computing industry. Used to travel abroad, esp. USA, on business, until she gave birth to our grandchild, Cora in August 2000. She then worked as an adviser/trainer for a software firm, but is now IT archivist for William Hulme's Grammar school. Jacqui lives a few miles away from her parents with husband Rik. Flamenco dancing is a spare time pursuit, being a member of the Yerba group.
  Rik,who once did a 1000 mile cycle ride for charity, worked for many years for the homeless in Manchster, and is also a professional photographer. Now working full time in photography, you can see his work here:

Cora. Once a pupil at William Hulme's Grammar School, has recently graduated from Leeds University in English with oriental studies. In 2022 she studied for a semester at Osaka university, Japan, following a period in South Korea


Snapshot of Penny Penny added a Masters degree with distinction to her qualifications, to follow a career as an Industrial Archeologist. Her history of The Hyde Park Picture House, one of the oldest preserved cinemas in Britain, has been published, and she also has written a paper on Christie's Hat factory in Stockport. She wrote the official book for the Hat Works Museum, also in Stockport. She at one time worked as Assistant Conservation Officer for the Derbyshire Dales, based in Matlock, then as Historical Environment Officer for Staffordshire and Principal Conservation Officer for Stafford Borough. She worked a while for Derby Council as conservation officer, is now working with with Ironbridge and Wrekin district. Penny once lived in the ancient town of Stone, but moved to Stafford.