Late Vacation in Crete - Agia Gallini

We had planned to go to the Island of Kos in the autumn. But the company cancelled the flight, so we went to Agia Gallini in Crete instead, our third visit to the island. The village is an ideal centre for exploring the remains of the old Minoan civilisation, going back to 2800 B.C. (2800 BCE)

The only road into Agia Gallini 


Agia Gallini from the sea


Agia Gallini

Built in a narrow valley, it spreads upwards, rather than sideways.


Climbing the steps back to our apartment. One really has to be fit to stay in this village which, incidentally, has the finest choice of tavernas we have ever experienced.

The long climb to our apartment

Agia Triada Minoan Palace


Just one of the many views of ancient Crete. This is Agia Triada, the summer palace of the Minoan Kings, midway between Knossos, and the sea port at Kommos where the harbour walls can still be seen under the sea.


The Basilica at Gortis, a mere 14 centuries old. The rest of the Roman city was destroyed by an earthquake, the remains cover 10 sq. kilometres. Near here may be found the first laws of modern civilisation. carved into the stonework.


The basilica at Gortis


Imbros gorge



Kate, walking through the Imbros Gorge, quite as spectacular as the Samaria Gorge (which we walked three years ago.) In both gorges there is no way out except forwards, or backwards. So, if you falter, you may need the ever eager donkey "taxi", protected by the ever watchful guard dog.

Donkey taxi with guard dog