The McKnight's Newsletter for 2022


Download our Christmas animation for 2022 - (same as last year!- needs PowerPoint)

Jim and Kathryn report:


Last year we referred you to the problems of our granddaughter. Cora was awarded a scholarship to study at Osaka university in Japan. Unfortunately, because of Covid, Japan closed its borders to students, and was not expected to open until March 2022. As a result, she, along with three other students from the North of England, had to study on-line. Because of the time difference this was at various times during the night - not a good arrangement socially. Accordingly, this group of four students arranged to transfer themselves to South Korea as tourists: this being in the same time-zone as Japan, allowing them to study during the day. One has to admire their initiative. Each of them had been given tasks to manage; Cora was the one who negotiated with the various embassies and arranged the Visas.

Osaka was allowed to welcome students as expected in March 2022, and so they all were able to complete their studies in Japan. And Cora graduated this December.

Cora's graduation 17th Decenber 2022

"English language and Literature International "


(Image taken from video recording)

An opportunity to study the culture of two Far Eastern countries

A re-union 0f "the Glastonbury Girls"

After over forty years, three girls from our avenue meet again.

Wendy, Jacqui and Ann.

Ann, (left) lives nearby inTimperley

Jacqui (centre left) lives in Whalley Range, Manchester

Kathryn, (centre), still in Glastonbury Avenue, Hale

Wendy, (right), emigrated to the U.S.A.



Not a lot has happened to us, as we finally get out of the world pandemic. We are lucky that our health service ensures we have the right injections againstCovid and Flu. We did celebrate the Queen's jubilee, a chance to dress up!

An unexpected but welcome visit from two ladies who grew up with our daughters many, many years ago is reported on our main web-page.

On-line Zoom remains a major occupation for us, even though we have re-started live church services, there are many who still want to stay at home. Hence the "hybrid" service, live and on Zoom, which is actually quite tricky to arrange properly.

Kathryn and I also host weekly Zoom meetings for our church members which enables us to keep in touch with everyone.

So, another year with little to report. Let's hope 2023 will have to be better.

God's blessing be with you all.

May we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ...

from Jim and Kate Mcknight

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