Our Visit to Lindos

Lindos at night

The view from our window of Lindos,
at night, (left)  

and at dawn. (below)   .


Lindos at dawn


Some of the friends we made during our stay.

Acropolis at Lindos

The Acropolis at Lindos being reconstructed (not restored, because of damaged caused by a poor restoration in the 1930s). Some original items of stone remain.

When St Paul landed on Rhodes in 51AD, it was at Lindos, and the Acropolis is what he would have seen.

St Paul's Bay

St Paul's Bay, a natural harbour, with the Acropolis above. Today, a Greek temple contained within a medieval fort might seems slightly incongruous.
On the right, a small church commemorates the spot where the Apostle landed.

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The church at St Paul's bay is a popular place for weddings, here being performed by the civil registrar.

This group came especially from England for the ceremony.

The island still retains a lot of relics from the past. This medieval fort, built by the Knights of St John is Kamiros Kastellos.

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A typical medieval street in Rhodes Old Town

..and donkeys are still in use in Lindos.

Some tourists reaching Lindos are dismayed to find that there is a long walk to reach the Acropolis (motor traffic being prohibited in the narrow streets).

These children clearly enjoy the four-footed taxi service!

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Kameros is a town that was abandoned about the time of Christ.
Why? Nobody knows.

A short sea trip brings you to the island of Simi, with surely one of the most beautiful harbours to be found.

The Lord of the Gods, Zeus, was furious with Prometheus who, having already stolen fire from the God, created man from clay here.
Zeus turned Prometheus into a monkey, hence the word "simian".

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--but none of this interests Kate at this moment.
Greek salad and Mythos beer comes first.

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