Jim and Kate both have experience as school governors, but of different primary schools in the same administrative area, Trafford Metropolitan Borough. Kate is involved with Stamford Park Infants, whilst Jim is concerned with Cloverlea Primary School. Schooling starts in England in a child's fourth year, and optional nursery education is provided from the age of three. Cloverlea, also houses a club, which provides optional child care outside school hours for those whose parents work a full day. There is also a special unit for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.


A contrast in the buildings:

Stamford park, back

Stamford Park, was built in 1905, originally with separate entrances for boys and girls. The building has stood the test of time well, with just a few additions. The railings and lack of grassed areas give the school a distinctly old-fashioned look, but many of the local residents have a warm affection for Stamford park, for they were educated there themselves.


Cloverlea, frontCloverlea, back

Cloverlea, on the other hand, shows a much more modern appearance, having been built in the 1960s in relatively large grounds to serve new housing estates. Unfortunately, the pictures don't show how much of the fabric is in urgent need of replacement, giving the governors quite a few financial problems. Happily, in 2004, major resconstruction work started.