The Great Sheep Throwing and Kicking contest?

.Well, no. Its just one of the odd photos I found recently.

My Sister and Brother-in-law are going to the help of a sheep that got on its back, in a remote part of the Scottish Highlands. (How long it had been that way we don't know, but when a sheep gets in that position, it can't right itself.)

As part of Kate's and my Ruby Wedding celebration, we decided to bring out some of the old photos. Now, we were born and brought up in the Black and White days, but when we were married colour transparancies were all the rage in amateur circles. I used to process my own, and got invited to weddings just to take unofficial pics in colour! The groomsmen used my camera to record our wedding. Problem is, how often do you get the projector out to look at the old photos? Not often.

Hence the big project, to digitise all my thousands of transparencies. Don't worry, to save our daughters' embarrassment, we're keeping most of them to ourselves!