Our Stay in Stoupa, in the Greek Peloponnese

The citizens of Stoupa entertain the tourists with a spectacular dancing display, accompanied by a feast of wine and barbecued meat.


The beautiful fishing village of

Agios Nikolaos


A strange looking fort at Agios Dimitris. The family Dimitris were war lords a few centuries ago, and helped ensure that the Mali area was never over-run by the Turks. Hence the fort, to keep a watchout over the sea. But we are looking at the landward side, and it would seem that the Germans added a concrete gun-platform in WW2, presumably to guard against the partisans.


Preparing to enter the caves at Diros. If I look smug, it because I got in free, by answering a question posed by the Guide. "Why are there stalagmites under the water?" I thought the answer, "because the caves were originally above the water", seemed a bit obvious.



-and here are the caves. I took dozens of photographs, they are all stunning, and different. One really has to be there to appreciate their beauty.

A race in the original Olympic stadium. Kate may seem to be winning, but our friend Audrey will get the coveted laurel wreath!